Play our Free Online Interactive Nuclear Power Simulator game. Operate a Nuclear Power Plant and try to maintain maximum power and not have a radioactive MeltDown! See if you can generate the full 100 MegaWatt output of the power plant and light up all the city lights.

Adjust the reactor Control Rods, the Primary Coolant flow, the Secondary Coolant flow, and keep the Heat Exchanger, the Steam Turbine, the AC Generator, and other reactor components below their damage threshold.

If you're careful, you can make a healthy profit and not have to spend your cash repairing the reactor components. Try it. It's free and it's FUN. PLAY NOW !

Play our Free Online Interactive Hotel Tycoon Simulator game. Build the hotel of your dreams with multiple room types and services to keep your guests happy and spending their money!

Hire cleaning maids, desk clerks, and repair technicians to keep your hotel maintained. Increase your hotel rating with proper management and try for the 1 to 5 Star hotel achievement. Try it. It's free and it's FUN. PLAY NOW !

Our newest Free Online Interactive game is an Adventure game : Star Trader Simulator. Cruise the galaxy mining nickel, silver, gold, uranium, and other types of valuable Ore to sell at the StarBase to buy more Fuel, Cargo pods and other upgrades.

Use your starting cash to buy some fuel and head out to a promising Star System & maybe find a planet rich in diamonds! Earn enough cash to buy Defensive Ship Lasers and stop the Space Pirates from ransoming your valuable cargo. If you can afford the Shielded Cargo Pods, you will be immune to Space Storm damage. It's free and it's FUN. PLAY NOW !

If you have ever thought about what it would be like to live off the grid or be energy independent, this simulation will give you an idea of what it's like to run a Solar Power Electric Energy System. Increase & Decrease the sunshine to change the output power of the Solar Panels, turn various appliances On & Off to see the effect on Battery charging/discharging and power consumption. It's free and it's FUN. Try your hand at running the Solar Power Simulator.

While not really a game, Solar Design Tools is a very useful tool for calculating the number of Solar Panels and Batteries a real Solar Power Electric Energy System would require. Simply click on the appliances you would be using & the estimated hours of daily use & the System Sizing Tool will calculate the required Solar Panels & Battery Bank size. An overview of Solar Power Energy Systems is also presented with an explanation of all the major components of various sizes of systems including the wiring diagrams that show how it all goes together. Unlike some design tools, the System Sizing tool requires no typing with its easy point & click interface.